Chiropractic In Egham

Have you ever wondered what happens when you visit your local chiropractor? If you are local to Egham, Surrey and the surrounding areas, I would be happy to support you with any pain you may be suffering.

What to expect when you visit 33chiro

Your first visit

First visit or 10th visit, you can always expect a warm welcome when you come to our clinic!

For your first visit however, your time with us will be longer as we really need to get to know you and to do that all important Initial Assessment.

Your Initial Assessment will include a full and thorough medical history, Dr Natalie will then carry out a physical assessment, to include neurological and orthopaedic testing as well as postural imaging. Dr Natalie will go through her findings with you, tell you if you are suitable for chiropractic care and provide you with a personalised care plan. From here, should you wish to start chiropractic care, you will be given your first chiropractic adjustment.

The chiropractic adjustment is applied using hands. Dr Natalie will palpate lightly down your spine, feeling for vertebral subluxations (misalignments, that interfere with the nervous system). A light, quick impulse will then be applied, working on the subluxation, restoring function to the joint and optimising the function of the nerve system. At times there will be some clicks and cracks that you can hear, this is NOT THE ADJUSTMENT and nothing to worry about as it is just gas being released between the joints.

Further recommendations for your care will be made alongside your personalised care plan and these will include stretches and strengthening exercises, nutrition, breathwork and meditation. Stay up-to-date with the latest news on our Instagram feed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Any clothing that isn’t too restrictive. The only items of clothing being removed will be big jumpers and coats.

Yes I am a registered healthcare practitioner with most private healthcare providers.

The pops and cracks you may hear is gas being released, it is not bones crunching.

We need to do a full and thorough assessment before we do the first adjustment and this will be at your report of findings.

No, it is a fairly light treatment. Sometimes it can be a little uncomfortable depending on your initial pain/symptoms.

Chiropractic care is a medical service and therefore we are still open. Stringent measures have been put in place to ensure the safety of you and all of our practice members.